Wednesday, February 1, 2012

google / SOPA / PIPA

Google's motto is " Do no evil "
Consider this hypothetical situation
Let's say your old school opens a market in the school playground on the weekends .
For the sake of argument assume that a large number of people in the marketplace are selling stolen goods .
At the same time the school is allowing advertisers to put up posters on the stalls . The school makes a huge profit from from the advertising and gives a cut to the stall owners .
Would that be wrong ?
Let's say the school knew that people where selling or giving away stolen goods at many stalls and did nothing about it and it's defense was " we don't have time to check every stall whether every stall owner is selling stolen goods " . I don't think that should be legal , acceptable or moral in a just society .

This is what goes on in google's world of , ....
The argument I hear from many people is " you can't stop crime so why bother " ... " you will never stop piracy on the internet " . People arguing this point includes many musicians who are in theory being hurt by the value of recorded music going down to zero .
My point is that you will never stop people stealing but that doesn't mean it should be a crime .
Imagine if someone said " let's make rape legal as you will never stamp out people getting raped altogether " .

Here is one example of an unlimited number of google's users profiting out of free music .
Note the advertisements on the site which I assume google is profiting from . How hard would it be for google to stick " rapidshare mp3 " into it's own search engine and attempt to get rid of the thieves and pirates by deleting their blogs or youtube channels ...
The reason why it doesn't is because it has turned theft into an extremely profitable business .
How can that be possible and for google to continue to use the motto " Do no Evil "