Monday, December 17, 2012

A review of cultural content on the 730 report

A year of sport and culture on Australian government funded website/tv show : ABC :  730 report ( 2012 up until dec 17th ) 

2 stories about Australian non-aboriginal musicians, 5 about Australian Aboriginal musicians, 6 about international musicians, 10 stories about Australian non-sporting cultural activities, 5 stories about international cultural activities, 40 stories about mostly Australian sportsmen and women. A great deal of the sports stories involved Australians LOSING. A HORSE won something. 

Australian non-aboriginal music ( 2 stories )

Australian world famous pop star
Australian world famous pop star
Cabaret singer imitates American singers well 

Australian Aboriginal Music ( 5 stories ) 
Australian Aboriginal musician
Festival of Australian Aboriginal music and culture
Australian aborigial musician dies
Australian film about Australian aboriginal singers imitating African American music in the 1960's
Festival of Australian Aboriginal music and culture

International music ( 6 stories ) 
american pop songwriter
Japanese singer on a mission
American pop group
Dead British singer imitating African American music

Australian culture ( no sport ) ( 10 stories )
Exhibition of Australian art .
Australian Pole Dancer with one arm 
Australian play about a girl who was raped and murdered
Australian painters
Australian artists paint about climate change
Australian actor
Australian Aboriginal artist
Australian comedian remembers dead Australian painter
Australian comedian with human interest story

International culture ( no sport ) ( 5 stories ) 

hollywood film
19th century french painter
English comedian
Dead English writer 
American Actor

SPORT ( 40 stories and no-one actually won anything this year except a horse ) 
Australian cricket
Australian cricket
Australian cricket
Australian Horse race
Australian swimmer
Australian Football
South African paralympic athlete
Australian Sport
Australian SPort
Australian sport
Australian sport
Australian sport
Australian athlete
Australian Tennis
Australian women's basketball
Aboriginal football players from australia

Friday, December 7, 2012

It's nice to get some recognition in the jazz press. Thanks to downbeat and Jon Ross. For the record Mark Shim does not play a EWI solo on Belt Parkway nor does he play the melody. He is featured soloing on EWI on a different track " Ditty " .