Monday, February 2, 2009

if you see something say something

I was on my daily walk today and I saw a bus with the words " Si ves algo di algo"
on the side . It translates to " if you see something say something " .
Since 9/11 there have been various advertising campaigns in New York and elsewhere alerting the citizens to get involved in keeping the city safe . Here in the big apple we are expected to keep an eye out for "suspicious packages" on the subway etc . In Sydney, Australia they ran the ad " be alert not alarmed " .

The New York subway is a glorious melting pot of cultures and races . When I see the " if you see something " signs on the subway I always imagine what is going through the minds other riders in their own native tounges . Seeing the sign translated into Spanish today , reminded me that this would be a good idea for a song . Most of the lyrics revolve around a pretty lady that happens to be on the train spotted by the strap-hangers . I also learnt the other day that my computer can read text to me . I put the lyrics into my mac OSX and got it to read it into the track . It had a bit of trouble with the spanish and chinese ... Wasn't to great at the english either . I guess we will have to wait for version 3.0

Here's the lyrics :

If you say something see something

Si ves algo di algo

que bien te ves



Liene una sonrisa muy bonita ( spanish )

ni kan, da pangzi ( chinese)

that guy looks suspicious he's got a beard

no man that's santa klaus ( english) "

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