Wednesday, December 16, 2009

harry's cafe de wheels

Most Sydneysider's have enjoyed a pie and peas from Harry's cafe de Wheels in Woolloomooloo

I recently concoted a ridiculous serial music process involving assigning a different chord to each note of the chromatic scale .
I liked the idea so much I decided it needed a name , and for no real reason it became " Harry " .
There is an unlimited number of possible " Harry's " .

I wrote a funky tune which uses 3 note triads on each chromatic note :
D , Asus , G2 ( no 3 ) , C sus , B sus , F#2 ( no 3) , Db , Ab5( #11) , F2 ( no 3 ) , Eb5 ( #11) , Bb5 ( #11) , ( the last chord has a C in the root and contains the notes C , D and C# and is hard to name ) .

The first section of the tune utilises this harry , the rest is written by ear loosely in the key of D .

I decided that it would be good to honor Harry's cafe de wheels ...

Here is the lyrics :

funky harry
pie and peas
a chilli dog
cafe de wheels
try a tiger
pie floater
chilli dog
ooh ... groovy gravy
ooh ... harry baby

colonel sanders ate 3 pies
de law say each day he must move 12 inches

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