Sunday, March 15, 2009

New York Dermatology

I went to a New York dermatologist worried about a strange looking mole on my back . 
First thing they did when I arrived was hand me this form :
All the staff were female , young , beautiful and had great skin . 
The walls were adorned with articles from so called "newspapers" and other gutter magazines featuring the doctor's treatments .
There was a TV screen showing ghoulish videos of treatment's shown on so called "News" television shows . 
Does Rupert Murdoch get a taste ? How does it work ?
A lady  doctor saw me and she had great skin  .
She complained that she didn't have enough room in the office due to all the different Laser machines . 
After looking at my mole she scheduled me for a biopsy .
I decided to visit a different dermatologist for the biopsy. 

update april 16th :
Its not cancer , but you have the mole removed surgically as the cells " look weird " under the microscope . Your newly acquired health insurance company ( the freelancers union ) rejects all claims stating " previous condition " . Yes ... I have had moles on my back for my whole life . If I broke my arm would they say " sorry we cant pay for that as you had that arm BEFORE you applied for insurance " .

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