Tuesday, March 3, 2009

youtube / metube

You enter show-business with the most honorable of intentions. Hoping to make a contribution to culture available to all of mankind for eternity .  The counter on youtube becomes a yardstick of your success in the world .  Your own attempts to push the vanguard of technology and humour ( Australian spelling ) are a dismal failure managing to achieve only 130 hits after almost a year of "airtime" .

 You take solace in the fact that what you consider to be mankind's greatest artistic achievement , the Brahms Violin Concerto 3rd movement , performed by the great David Oistrach , has only managed  36,897 hits . 

You take further solace when you realise the Brahms violin concerto is easily out-trumped by a drum solo competition between Buddy Rich and a Puppet . ( 753,146 hits)

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