Thursday, March 11, 2010

organ sale

Greetings earthlings ,

A few changes happening here at chez seed . I have decided to part with my hammond C3 organ and 122R leslie . For those of you not " in the know " , the C3 is the same as a B3 with more timber . So much wood that it is impossible to look at the legs of the organ player during church . The neighbours have been complaining about the noise around here . I tried to convince them that our regular church services where for the good of humankind but they disagree . Consulting various lawyers we attempted to be granted church status and the various tax-breaks it would allow us . If it worked for Chick Corea and Ron Hubbard I figured it would be worth a shot . That turned out to be a dead-end and the landlord is threatening to evict so I have no choice but to sell the beautiful instrument . This organ has low frequencies to die for ( all the way down to negative numbers I believe ) which gives it more than ample penetration . I have attached a video with a recording and photos of the actual instrument .
I am asking a price of $4000 for the old girl which has been well maintained and is in good cosmetic and playing condition .

I am hoping to use the proceeds to purchase a pinball machine and new industrial espresso machine .

There will be no more rehearsals but y"all are cordially invited for an eternal pinball match fired up with the best coffee in brooklyn . If the stress gets too much you can relax with a pie and a lager and a few episode's of "minder" from my complete DVD collection . As Arthur Daley put it best " The world is your lobster "

over and OUT

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