Saturday, January 10, 2009

designer babies

I was watching "the doctors" show on TV. it is now possible to select the sex of your offspring and hand pick characteristics . people are paying top dollar for the service already .
I imagined a father deciding to have a girl , with characteristics of his own choice . It's suitably complex , which the new breed will certainly appreciate , even if its hard for us old schoolers to perform .

Hey Daddy why do I like beer ?
I designed it like that
I love jazz fusion music I'm the only girl who does
I designed it like that
Ive got my mum's but
I dig Frank Zappa
I hate shopping
and I never forget the bridge "

Perhaps I should ask Bobby " the wrist " Wayland to perform it

You should listen to his song " Baywatch and beer"

not sure if he could cope with the 7/4 bit ... but he has the right attitude

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