Thursday, January 1, 2009

Prog Jazz movement

Partial list of "instrumentalist/virtuoso" (Jazz?) musicians to include " vocal numbers" into their recordings/gigs recently :

These bandleaders who previously had been showcasing their instrumentalist abilities have been more recently including vocals into their music . Is it a sign of the hard times facing the jazz industry or a need for genuine expression in an increasingly complex musical environment or both ? ?

I would vote for both I think .

I have dubbed the movement " Prog-Jazz" . Remember you heard the term here first . Hopefully it wont become a much derided term like "Prog-Rock" or "Fusion" .

Herbie Hancock ( hired singers)
Miles Okasaki ( no lyrics ) (hired singer)
Seamus Blake ( no solos) ( sings)
Kris Bauman / the dang-it-bobbys (no jazz solos only "chicken-picken") (sang)
Chris Tarry (hired singer)
Adam Klipple (hired singer)
Chris Ward (hired singer)
Ray Thistlewaite ( Australia - thirsty merc) ( no solos ) (sings)
Jess Green (sings)
Wayne Krantz (sings)
Tim Hopkins ( New Zealand) - ( "rap" singing also)
Kurt Rosenwinkel ( no lyrics ) (sings? )
Diana Krall (sings)
Dina Derose (sings)
Nicky Parrott (sings)
Debbie Kennedy (sings)
Keith Jarrett ( no lyrics ! )
Jenny Scheinman (sings)
Robert Glasper ( Rap )
Paul Grabowsky ( Australia - hired singers)
Steve Hunter ( Hired singers - sang one tune )
Rod White ( Australia - sang)
Gerard Masters ( Australia - sang )
Donny McCaslin ( hired singer )
Sean Wayland ( sang )

Old School
George Benson (sings)
Allan Holdsworth (hired singer)
Grady Tate (sings)
Tony Williams ( sings- raps )
Herbie Hancock (sings-raps)
Dig ( Australia - hired singers/rappers)

Can you think of any more ? Please let me know

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  1. actually the Zawinul project had singers as well- as did Miles Davis towards the end with the not so great rap efforts.