Saturday, January 10, 2009

no credit no problem song

I remember walking into guitar center last year . They had a sign up advertising their lay-by plan " Play today .. Pay Tommorow "

In this tune our hapless heroes have started a band , have their own rehearsal pad , the best guitars and dope around , all paid for with bank loans and credit cards .

Untrained as musicians, the band is a musical failure and they proceed to smoke the American ( and world ) economy down the gurgler so to speak .

Apologies to my father for using drug references in a song .

unfortunately my computer wont allow a ? to be in a filename of an .mp3 file

Heres the lyrics :

"no credit no problem

bank manager say its ok

its not his money anyway

guitar center got a new deal

play today pay tommorow

got no job got no cash

but we got cable TV

got a new house , its a cool flat

got the best dope around

toke it us , smoke it like that

where all going down going down

suck it up , take it like that

where all going down going down "

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